I'm not so much concerned with how I see as an individual artist but as how
WE see, all of us. I suspect no one can show the discriminating viewer
anything he has not already witnessed in some form or another although
it may not have registered visually at the time.

The response I value most can best be defined as recognition and to recognize
something is to affirm that you have already experienced it in some way~~visual, mental, intutitive, clear or unclear~~but it is familiar.
I see my work as a Re-Presentation of the world of seeing that we all have in
common, exposed by light and funneled through my individual sensibilities.

The aspects of painting and drawing that are less tangible~~the unresolved feelings stirred only by the most successful works~~lead the viewer not necessarily to where the artist is, but to a common ground from which the viewer can reach his own conclusions based on his personal experiences.

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